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Ghana Gas is excited about its pioneering role as the sole national gas aggregator with the responsibility to buy and sell gas along the domestic gas supply chain. 

Ghana Gas values marketing, research and development as key to its growth strategy in the energy sector. 

As a result, Ghana Gas has put in place a team of commercial strategists to assist in the preparation of gas demand and supply forecast in the economy for planning purposes.


In furtherance of our noble mandate, we appreciate that prudent commercialization of the gas from the Tano Basin is the cornerstone of accelerating our national economy. As a result, Ghana Gas will enter into upstream and downstream commercial agreements with Tano Basin gas producers and downstream customers such as Independent Power Producers, Fertilizer production and Petro Chemical Companies in a responsible, transparent and professional manner. 

Our Commercial Department is thus charged with the responsibility for drafting, negotiating, executing and managing gas commercial contracts with our partners. These contracts set out the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers. Each transaction within the gas commercial chain will require an enforceable agreement with valid gas supply and a tariff. The Department will also lead efforts in the areas of tariff preparation and liaise with our regulators. 

As a vertically integrated company, Ghana Gas will sell gas to customers on a delivered basis. The Company will also manage contractual risks across gathering, processing, transportation and sales commercial chain.

Key Objectives

The Department liaises with stakeholders in the gas value chain in Ghana and works with upstream partners to deliver gas from Ghana's Oil fields to meet the growing gas demand for power generation and industrial application. 

We seek to play a leading role in the development and growth of new markets for Lean Gas and NGLs including LPG. 

As a marketing arm of Ghana Gas, the commercial department plays an important role in meeting Ghana Gas financial objectives.

Best Practices

As the sole National Gas Aggregator, Ghana Gas is strategically positioned to meet the lean gas needs required for power generation, industrial process heating, fertilizer production and alumina refinery in the country, as well as LPG and other liquids for domestic and commercial applications. 

We do this by employing the best marketing practices that aim at adding significant value to our business in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Stakeholder List

Major Stakeholders include:

  • The Ghanaian Government

  • Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)

  • Tema Oil Refinery (TOR)
  • Bulk Oil and Storage (BOST)
  • Prospective Customers (IPPs, Industries, BDCs)
  • Lenders/Investors/ Contractors

  • Gas Producers

  • CSO/NGOs


In line with the requirements under Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) Act, 1997 (Act 538) and the Rate Setting Guidelines, GNGC has put together a 5 (five) years’ tariffs proposal for Gathering, Processing and Transmission services for consideration and approval by the PURC

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Financial Reports

Ghana Gas Financial Report for the Year End 2022

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