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Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) is the nation’s premiere mid-stream gas business company that owns and operates infrastructure required for the gathering, processing, transporting and marketing of natural gas resources in Ghana and internationally.

GNGC although incorporated in July 2011, started official production in November 2014. The company is responsible for producing and prospecting of lean gas, condensate, LPG and isopentanes and further, plays a key role in accelerating the nation’s industrial sector.

Ghana Gas operates on a business model and thus, obtains revenue through the processing, transportation and sale of natural gas and natural gas liquids. GNGC currently supplies gas to Volta River Authority (VRA) for power generation.

The company has its headquarters in the nation’s capital, Accra, with the gas plant situated at Atuabo, in the Western region of Ghana. Ghana Gas is a trusted and reliable gas company and contributes to Ghana’s economic development.

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GNGC has a workforce of professionals and specialists in the field of business. The company encourages teamwork, loyalty, respect, integrity, accountability, excellence and professionalism and cares greatly about the environment.

The company has well defined training programmes for its officers that enhance their skills and capabilities, encouraging staff to remain committed to the values and vision of GNGC.

As a fledgling gas company, GNGC provides room for new ideas to boost its activities and subsequently, increase economic gains from the gas business. The officers of GNGC are therefore motivated to give their utmost best to achieve the set target for each commercial year.

In view of this, the company establishes an environment that has effective leadership, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities, competitive reward and benefits; and a culture that appreciates good performance.


Mission & Vision


To be a trusted and reliable gas services company


To contribute to Ghana’s Gas economic development by providing and operating the infrastructure required for gathering, processing and delivering natural gas resources, in a safe, cost effective, responsible and reliable manner to customers

Corporate Values

As a company, we are progressively developing people centred and an environmentally responsible brand, whilst committed to providing exceptional client service and to living our core values:

  • Loyalty- Loyal to Ghana's economic aspirations and the Company; and

  • Environment- Causing no harm to people and the environment;

  • Accountability- We are accountable for all our actions.

  • Professionalism- Achieving challenging goals by being proactive and innovative;

  • Respect- Respect for people and fairness in our interactions;

  • Integrity- Honesty and Accountability in every aspect of our business;

  • Team work- Cohesiveness and united in purpose;

  • Excellence- Deploying the best technology and management methods for achieving our objectives;

We do this by employing the best marketing practices that aim at adding significant value to our business in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Our People

At Ghana Gas, our people are our strength. The dedicated men and women who comprise our workforce are some of the finest employees within corporate Ghana.

We value the diverse skills and capabilities our employees bring to the business. We work continuously to align these skills and capabilities with strategic and operational needs, while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and commitment.

To this end, we offer many training and development programmes designed to provide a continuous learning environment, both to gain new skills and to refine existing ones.

As a pioneering company in the gas sub-sector, opportunities for advancement exist far and wide, as do the opportunities to work on a variety of career-defining roles.

Working at Ghana Gas

We offer an environment where you remain true to your aspirations. Our employees are our priority: We understand that our success depends on providing our people with an environment in which they can thrive and one in which we can expect their continued passion and commitment. We aim to make working at Ghana Gas an engaging and fulfilling experience. We want people to be positive and enthusiastic about what they do, with a clear sense of purpose, and pride in their individual contribution to the company's success.

This means providing inspiring and effective leadership, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities, competitive reward and benefits, and a culture of performance where good performance and success is commemorated.

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