The Project



The Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure Project has enormous benefits to Ghana in the area of power generation, fertilizers (ammonia and urea), catalyst for industrialisation in the salt, alumina, petro-chemicals such as plastics, methanol, etc. Specific benefits identified with the project in the short to medium term include;

The gas project, especially, will
  • Generate employment
  • Create new infrastructure to support a vibrant petroleum and petrochemical industry
  • Provide a new economic growth pole for Ghana starting with the Western Region
  • Provide the opportunity for a more competitive pricing of indigenous gas
  • Secure competitiveness of Ghanaian industry
  • Accelerate economic development
  • Support strategic objective of becoming a petroleum processing hub
  • Resume Ghana’s strategic role as preferred exporter of power in the sub-region.
  • LPG from the project will meet national demand and will eliminate periodic shortages
  • LPG will replace wood fuels and avoid de-forestation
Flotation of shares of Ghana Gas will ensure:
  • Wider Ghanaian participation in petroleum activities, and
  • Economic and social benefits from broadening ownership in the country’s natural resources