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Ghana Gas Satisfied With Pipeline Test

8 September 2014

The Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) during last weekend carried out a series of tests on its 111-kilometre Onshore pipelines and is satisfied with the results of the test.

With the conclusion of mechanical completion of the Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure Development Project (WCGIDP) and successful hydro-testing of its Offshore Pipeline, Ghana Gas began testing of the 111-kilometre Onshore Pipeline from Atuabo in the Ellembelle district to Aboadze in the Shama district as part of a normal process to check the integrity of the pipeline and to identify and correct potential leakages along the pipeline before the tie-in of the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant (GPP) to the Jubilee field gas reservoirs.

During the test, a pin-hole leak was identified at one of the over 10,000 pipe joints laid under the surface of the earth. Appropriate isolation valves have subsequently been engaged and plans for remedial works promptly begun.

“We are satisfied with the test on the onshore pipeline and we are excited by the fact that just a small portion of the pipeline has thrown up a minor challenge that would be rectified by tomorrow” Director of Operations, Dr Ben Asante, said. 

Ghana Gas wishes to assure the public that there are no safety concerns whatsoever and we are satisfied with the safety protocol being employed for the testing of the pipeline.


Issued on September 8, 2014 by:

Alfred Ogbamey

Corporate Communications Manager

Ghana Gas