Local Content

Q: Does Ghana Gas have a local content policy?

Ans: Yes, we do. Our local content policy reflects our commitment to capacity building, value addition and employment generation within the industry.  

Q: How many Ghanaians have been engaged on the project?

Ans: Over 500 Ghanaians have been engaged on the project in various areas of skilled and unskilled employment.

Q: How is Ghana Gas managing the expectations of the local youth especially in the project affected communities?

Ans: We are committed to stakeholder management, and have employed local Community Team Liaisons (CLA’S) who provide a feedback loop between the Company and the Community. The Community Affairs Department keeps abreast of Community issues and uses data gathered by CLA’s to inform the content of sensitization programs within the Community. As a result of such exercises, the host communities specifically, the local youth are well versed in the areas of benefit they can expect from a project such as ours.

Q: Can I get employment at Ghana Gas?

Ans: Vacancies will be posted on the website and advertised when they become available.

Q: How do I get employed on the project?

Ans: The company is no longer actively recruiting but will advertise vacancies as and when it becomes necessary.

Q: How will Ghana Gas help develop people needed for a successful gas industry in Ghana?

Ans: The company is committed to developing its human capital and views its continued investment into training and leadership programs as the correct approach to achieving a highly qualified workforce. 

Q: How can I be a service provider/ contractor to Ghana Gas?

Ans: The Company will advertise in the print media when specialist services are required. Interested parties may then respond accordingly.

Q: How do I  become a supplier to Ghana Gas?

Ans: Ghana Gas has already pre-qualified suppliers for small contracts. With regards to thresholds above price quotation (small contracts - GH₵20,000.00 ) we advertise in the newspapers and prospective suppliers/contractors/consultants are encouraged to look in the print media, preferably Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times.