Health & Safety

Q. Does Ghana Gas have a HSE policy?

Ans: Yes. Ghana Gas has put in place a comprehensive HSE Management System and is committed to conducting business in a manner that ensures the health and safety of employees, our host communities and the general public, and protecting the environment.

Q. Is the pipeline safe from saboteurs?

Ans: The pipeline is trenched according to international standards. There will be a centralized 24-hour Control Room remote monitoring of the entire pipeline by trained personnel for early detection and response to any event. Security personnel have been deployed at strategic points along the Right of Way to monitor and deter any criminal acts.

Q. Is there the possibility of gas leak?

Ans:  Ghana Gas has in place proactive preventive maintenance program for all gas facilities and this will minimize possibility of gas leaks resulting from equipment failures.

Q. Can I drive on the ROW if my road is blocked/flooded or in bad condition?

Ans: No, it is not safe to drive on the ROW. Vehicle movement along ROW will disturb the soil layer which protects the pipeline and will cause soil erosion to expose the pipeline.  Also, vehicle engines are sources of ignition which can ignite gas in case of a gas leak.

Q. Is there the possibility of an explosion at the GPP or pipeline?

Ans: No. The pipeline, GPP and all other gas facilities have been designed to withstand the maximum operating pressures and loads. Safety shutdown systems have been installed and will initiate an automatic safety shutdown in case of any abnormal operating conditions. Additionally, trained personnel will monitor 24/7 from the control center and will respond to any adverse operating condition.

Q. Will people die after breathing any gas leak?

Ans: No. The gas is highly flammable but not toxic.  However, it is not safe to stay close to a gas leak since injuries can result from other causes.

Q. How is the pipeline monitored for leaks/sabotage?

Ans: Trained personnel monitor operations and status of critical equipment remotely from a control center through a fiber optic data acquisition system. Security personnel have been deployed at strategic locations along the ROW to monitor and deter criminal activities.