About the Project

Q. When was Ghana Gas set up?

Ans: Ghana Gas was incorporated in July 2011

Q. Why was Ghana Gas formed?

Ans: Ghana Gas was set up following recommendations by a Gas Development Task Force that was commissioned by late President Mills, to build, own and operate infrastructure required for the gathering, processing, transporting and marketing of natural gas resources in the country.

Q. Will Ghana Gas retail LPG?

Ans: Ghana Gas is a mid-stream gas business company. The LPG produced from the processing plant will be sold to bulk distributors for onward retail in the country and beyond.

Q. Where is the Gas Processing Plant (GPP) sited?

Ans: The 150 Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet per day capacity GPP is being constructed at Atuabo in the Ellembele District of the Western Region of Ghana.

Q. Why has the site changed from Bonyere to Atuabo?

Ans: The decision to relocate Ghana’s first gas processing plant from Bonyere to Atuabo  is due to technical and geodetic reasons. 

Q.Why is the Gas Pipeline constructed from Atuabo to Aboadze?

Ans: The 111km gas pipeline is being constructed from Atuabo where the GPP is to be sited to Aboadze to feed VRA’s gas fired power plant to generate electricity.

Q. Will Ghana Gas extend the pipeline to other areas of the country?

Ans: Ghana Gas is also constructing a 75km lateral pipeline from Essiama in the Ellembele District to Prestea in the Prestea Huni-Valley District of the Western Region for power generation.

Q. How much gas will Ghana Gas receive from the Jubilee Partners?

Ans: Ghana Gas expects to receive between 70-120 MMSCFpd of gas from the Jubilee Partners.