About Us

Our Business Model

Our Strategy

Ghana Gas’ strategy is to deliver consistent value to the people of Ghana by contributing to Ghana’s industrialization drive through the building of infrastructure required for gathering, processing and delivery of natural gas resources to industry in a safe, cost effective, responsible and reliable manner. Our vision is to be a fully integrated gas business company with a strong reputation as a trusted partner and reliable supplier of natural gas resources in Ghana and abroad.

Our Business Principles

We deliver value to our shareholders (i.e. the Government of Ghana on behalf of its citizenry) by identifying with principles such as:
i.International Standards and Best Practices – At Ghana Gas compliance to the highest international standards and best practices is a value we pride ourselves in. We recognize that getting the job done is as important as the means by which it is done. Thus, we employ the strictest standards in our operations via the use of internationally approved management systems to support all aspects of our business process. Our staff are trained to adhere to these mandatory standards and best practices throughout the organization. Our services are provided based on the needs and expectations of the communities we operate in. We strive to continually improve our practices and services.
ii.Human Resource – Ghana Gas attracts qualified Ghanaians from within the country and overseas ensuring that recruitment and hiring is done in a manner that promotes local content.  This notwithstanding, Ghana Gas ensures that it has the requisite human capacity with the right skills and level of experience required for safe and efficient operations.  The company also ensures that staff skills are consistently upgraded through formal, general and individual training schemes. Formal training schemes focus on the upgrading of employee skills for key operational positions following a set curriculum and are often provided by third parties with the participation of Ghana Gas supervisory and management staff.  General training programmes span from short to long term training  sessions for all Ghana Gas staff in the areas of Technical Operations, Health, Safety, & Environment, Information Technology, amongst others.  Individual training schemes focus on closing the gaps in competencies of Ghana Gas staff.
iii.Creating Shared Ownership - The company ensures that contractors and manpower as well as other goods and services from Ghana are engaged or utilized in the implementation of the project to help in promoting local development.  Thus, services such as haulage, rental of operational equipment, supply of laterites among others are often contracted on a local scale in order to promote employment and local economic growth. Ghana Gas also collaborates with educational institutions for the training of persons including technicians, operators and welders as part of its community development and partnership agenda.
iv.Environmental Sustainability (click to read)
v.Financial Sustainability - Ghana Gas’ long term goal is to build a fully integrated and profitable gas business to serve the Ghanaian and export markets. We employ prudent and a balanced portfolio of investments for our cashflows.  We adapt the use of rigorous risk management tools to ensure a solid financial position.  
Ghana Gas seeks to build sustainable competitive advantages within its industry over the coming years through:
i.Cost Efficiency – At Ghana Gas we believe “a cedi saved from costs directly affects our bottom line” thus we ensure cost efficiency in all transactions.  Being a government owned institution our greatest advantage is achieving value for money in all transactions with our contractors and stakeholders. 
ii.Operational Excellence - Our desire to operate a world class Gas Processing infrastructure is dependent on achieving operational excellence in all our processes and at all levels. Ghana Gas recognises that continous improvement is a never-ending journey as such, we are commited to achieving our set goal of perpetual improvement, geared towards sustainable business growth, by putting in place conscious effort to promote a culture of excellence. We do this by invoking discipline, awareness, effective leadership, a ‘can-do’ spirit and most importantly instilling a safety culture in all staff. Safety is our hallmark! Moreover, we acknowledge that our workforce is our greatest asset and therefore strive to keep them positive-minded and empowered.  Strict adherence to laid down procedures and work ethics will ultimately lead to realisation of our purpose for existence.
iii.Product Leadership – Ghana Gas is an industry leader for the gathering processing and delivery of natural gas resources. Our finished products being Lean Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPGs) will be offered at the most competitive prices. We are also committed to continual value addition, by improving on the quality and quantity of products produced through technological improvements. We aim to set standards that are worth emulating.